Choose from our beautiful destinations in Lazio, Tuscany and Campania to customize your own cruise

Design your own Italian adventure sailing cruise

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Choose when you want

Choose an 8 or 15 days cruise. Starting date for your Italian adventure sailing cruise is always Saturday. If you like, you can add days prior or after the cruise to visit Rome, the eternal city. Rome was not built in a day, and you certainly cannot see it all in a day, but you can soak up the atmosphere of the Italian lifestyle called La Dolce Vita.
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Choose with whom you like

Ideal for family/friends vacation, training sessions or group/company retreats on board. Select up to 10 people for this spectacular cruise. Sharing this Italian experience with loved ones and people you know is so much better than with strangers. The atmosphere on board is informal. Meals are served family style on the large aft deck table.
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Choose where to go

The Itenary will be based on your wishes. Capture the splendure of the eternal city, Rome. Go north and visit Piombino, Elba, Sorrento, Sienna, Livorno, Grosseto or perhaps the French Island of Corsica. To the south, you can enjoy Napels, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, Salerno, Ischia, Capri and the famous Amalfi coast.
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Choose what to do

Be active with water sports (swimming, snorkeling, underwater scooters, paddle boards or kayak) and/or be more spiritual (silent dinners, meditation, mindfulness), combine this with excursions to amazing sites on shore or hiking on shore or just relax on the aft deck or catch some Italian sun on the lounge deck.
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Who’s on board?

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Family & Friends

Sailing with us along the Italian coastline is a great opportunity to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, weddings, retirements, or to celebrate live in style and vacation with your friends. Please contact us for ideas how to turn your vacation into a memory that lasts a lifetime.
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Trainers & Coaches

We offer trainers and coaches a unique experience for their clients and creates a great atmosphere for yoga retreats, mindfulness courses, reiki courses, personal development programs  where you want a unique location (on the ship and on the shore) for the exercises. Stand above your competition by offering your clients something to remember for the rest of their lives. Let’s work together to make this week unforgettable for your clients and profitable for you.
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Companies & Retreats

We provide a unique location for leadership retreats, management incentives, employee appreciation, company outings, strategy sessions, training courses, team building or any other reason you might have to choose an authentic wooden sailing ship as your location for your multi-day company event. You work hard, so you deserve the best.
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Couples & Solo Travelers

If you are a couple or solo traveler who is looking for an amazing vacation, you might consider finding like minded friends to join you on a cruise. If you split the costs of the Bareboat and Crew, you’ll have a unique experience for a very competitive price. If you don’t want to organize your own trip, contact us. Perhaps we can arrange for you that you join a mixed group.
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Design your own Italian adventure sailing cruise


The canvas can do miracles

Christopher Cross sang about this in his song ‘Sailing’. And it is so true on a sailing boat. Tranquility, peace and serenity.


We combine our passion for sailing with our love for Italy where we followed the trails of ancient pilgrims, slept in monasteries and spent countless vacations exploring the soul of ‘La Dolce Vita’. Our other passion is the Italian Cuisine. The color, smell and taste of these dishes are a delight for the senses. On your cruise you will be our guest and you’ll discover why we love Italy so much.


Your 82 ft long vessel features accommodation for 10 guests, a sun bathing/lounge area in the front and a comfortable dining area in the rear. It also features a large, stable tender to carry passengers to/from the shore.


True North

We believe that the core of a happy and fulfilled life is to be in alignment with your inner compass.


Being on the water away from distraction, the impact of nature, the vastness, seeing dolphins in the wild, really has an impact on us. It’s like something inside us awakens.


A sense of being that arises when we are content with who we are, aware of our thoughts and emotions, not lost in the future or past. We can live every day of our lives peacefully if we stay true to this course, knowing that we are the best version of ourselves, with a focused and relaxed mind, no matter the outside circumstances.


Perfect Vacation

We believe it’s a good thing to slow down once in a while, as you will do during your sailing cruise with us.


Take a good look in all directions and most of all within and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. We cannot change the winds, but we can plot our course in life, set and adjust our sails in the only right direction that is aligned with our core being, which is Feeling Good.


As we have no other distraction than the wind, the waves and the stars above, this experience will provide you a place and time just for you. Imagine a perfect Italian sunset, while enjoying a delicious dinner in good company on the aft deck of your own sailing yacht.


Dining on board

All delicious dishes on board are based on the local Italian dishes, with a touch of other Mediterranean cuisine.  


We try to use only fresh, local and organic ingredients, depending on availability at local markets. One lunch and one dinner are in restaurants on shore, allowing you to connect with the locals and enjoy their authentic food and hospitality. Afterwards, we will pick you up with the tender to bring you on board of your ship.


If you want, we can host a silent dinner, a special dinner based on traditions of Italian monasteries. How we eat is just as important as what we eat. Eating in silence while watching the sea helps us to listen to our inner voice. Just one moment of the day especially for you, being in your own space and energy. Try it, you might like it.


Meals are served family style, with in between fruit, snacks and bites, The atmosphere onboard is informal. If you want to participate, you are welcome. If you just want to relax, it’s also fine with us.


Unique experiences

We sail on a classic wooden 82 ft sailing yacht along the coast of the regions Tuscany, Lazlo and Campania in Italy.


During your cruise, you can fill up your senses while cruising through blue water, experiencing the beautiful coastline with its amazing bays and picturesque villages and gazing at millions of stars above the ocean.


The combination of this and being far away from distraction and day to day life, encourages being in touch with ourselves and finding total relaxation on board.


This is why, at the end of the day, the emphasis of our cruises is not only on the sailing or the destinations, which are awesome by the way. Nor on change deliberately, but it seems to be inevitable, as the mind automatically becomes quiet and the voice of the heart starts to speak. New possibilities pop up, new directions are made clear and new ideas emerge.


So much more

Your vacation is more than just a sailing charter. It is a journey where you can disconnect to reconnect and be one with nature if you want. 


During our cruise, we will drop the anchor, have time to relax and sunbathe, go ashore, visit old villages and take a swim straight off the boat if you want. We will definitely look out for dolphins and many times they find us.


You can visit the best cities and sights that Italy has to offer. The itinerary is designed according your wishes. Image a day trip to experience the heart of Tuscany or Campania combined with swimming in the Mediterranean Sea when your return in the evening. Or you can spend a day onboard to enjoy the scenery from the sun deck.


Your choice, your cruise. Welcome aboard!

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