We lift the anchor and head for Anzio. This was a Volscian town, and the base for Coriolanus’s rebellion against Rome. Later the seaside town, called Antium, became a favourite with the emperors, who built luxurious villas and a theatre here. Nero was born in the town and the ruins of his villa can be seen along the low cliffs. Anzio took a battering during the war, and much of the town has been rebuilt since, although with the same ageing fishing-town atmosphere. The port is busy and colourful, with a view to the east of the tall buildings of Nettuno and sand dunes beyond. Trees on the slopes above town shelter large and elegant Liberty-style villas constructed for the spiritual heirs of the Roman emperors who came to holiday here.


From here we can follow the coastline, explore beautiful Italian islands or both. It’s no wonder why tourists endlessly flock around the islands of Italy. A fact celebrated across the world, Italy is a stunning gateway of culture, history and art, and a home to some of the world’s greatest figures. The country is flourishing with refreshing natural attractions and mouth-opening landscapes and architecture. Italian islands are simply astonishingly pieces of paradise— a magnetic brim of exquisiteness where one can be wholly close with nature. And truth be told, nature definitely spent a glorious time molding it into one of earth’s paradisiacal cradles.

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